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Rapidshare: Obi-Wan Rise of a Jedi Master - Menu
[ ] 2008-09-23, 8:50 PM
Here are the download links of Obi-Wan Rise of a Jedi Master. This version can be burned and functions as installer and Episode Launcher.
Created by: Serenity
Menu's created by: The-Lion
Uploaded by: The-Lion

If you're using a Rapidshare download program, download the attached file above. With that it's easier to copy the download links.
Category: My files | Added by: The-Lion | Author: Leon Verschuren
Views: 1761 | Downloads: 17 | Comments: 7 | Rating: 5.0/1
Total comments: 7
and the links that do work the files are removed or no seeds or some shit to stop me gettin at the files, i really want gid and rojm, ive seen many vids and heard nothing but good things, im sry for being short with u but i want ur mods oh so bad

well i have been trying for almost 6 months to get serinities mods without success, it seems he doesnt give a toss if the links work or not, im gettin proper pissed off now, i aint touched jka for ages cos im losing interest, c'mon serenity make a full download of ur mods availabl to ppl instead of splitting into files that ultimately fail

Part 18 of rapidshare links is dead, can you re-upload Pleaz?????

Part 12 is corrupt.

Torrent doesn't work. No seeds.

Sorry, forget the line about the wrong torrent download it was just my fault it is ok. Just need someone to seed smile

I am a bit lost... I m trying the torrent download but when I try to start it says "got bad file info -" (?) By the way I found another torrent called Obi Wan Rise of The Jedi Master part 1, 2, 3, 4.exe , is this a complete version?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all this work guys.

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