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The creator of the mod is known to be a scam (Osman Gunuyaz), aka Tim. The mod was released, but the maker managed to get over $2000 directly from people who wanted to get a disk, as well as more money from donations.
The mod itself proves to be really popular, although there are all sort of opinions on it.
English web sites | Transitions: 703 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 2008-11-17

This website offers very cheap PCs, monitors, and other computer (And not only!) technology.
Computers | Transitions: 604 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 2008-11-17

Not much to say, one of the most popular collections of mods and different tools for JA and JO.
English web sites | Transitions: 731 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 2008-10-14

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