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Main » 2008 » November » 2 » Finished!
0:00 AM
Both parts of GID are now finished.
They are availiable as torrents only (For Now):
Part 1
Part 2
The part 1 was modified slightly by Bliznez, Not by Lion, (Unfortunately, due to lack of time) so stay tuned- the new models and menu fixes are still to be made by The-Lion! Hopefully there will be patches by Serenity at some point.
he Part 2 is Purely for SP, which is why it has most exciting and most important missions, apart from some included in Part 1.
Download both Parts, and you will have the full mod! =)))) Tadah!
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13 Darthdude  
I have clicked on every link on this site and cant get part 1 or 2 anywhere, can u possibly upload a copy to mega upload pr something as i been trying to get this mod for ages and as yet had no joy cry

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12 password  
Serenity, Your mod is the best mod for jedi academy I have ever seen or played. A while ago I downloaded Galaxy in darkness Part 1. Then I got part two, and loved it. Just a few days ago I got rid of it because it was not working proprerly. I thought that I could just download it again but, part 3 of Galaxy in darkness in no longer avalible. So I ask you, Please reupload just part 3.

Thank You so much Serenity937. You are best modder I have ever seen

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11 password  

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10 Tomaszek  
I need seed

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9 Bliznez  
nop, sorry

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8 Brachial  
What about a mirror on filefront or something?

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7 Bliznez  
Hahah, lol...........
Chronicles is just a stupid bunch of models and 1 map- and believe me, we have NOTHING to do with them (I released a patch, but i am NOT in their team, and dont want to be, as not 2 spoil my rep)
This mod has A HELL OF A LOT MORE than chronicles!

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6 Solid_Snake  
are ingame videos in the Chronicle?
my download by torrent is low.

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5 frost  

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4 Darth_alexander  
lol my maximum torrent speeds on my torrent downloader is 100-200 kb/s but on this one 6-7or 10 smile

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